Sunday, 2 May 2010

split in five - 200 word story

It was a scorching day, the sun was blazing through the cotton bud clouds. My uncle, sister and I decided between ourselves to take a stroll down to the park with a football, as it was the ideal day for a game.

Once we had arrived at the park. There wasn’t a soul about; the grass was lit up emerald green, tree’s to one side smothering 50 percent of the grass with their shady presence.

Getting to the park was no big deal it was just the climatic venture up the hillside opposite the tree side. Teams were set up as my uncle and my sister opposing myself. Goal posts were planted either side of the grassy surface using twigs and our sweatshirts. The game must of lasted at least five minutes until the incident occurred. The football hurdling down the hillside at quite a speed my sister and I chasing after the balls path. Until suddenly, my sister slipped over a banana skin near the bottom of the hillside and went rolling down the remainder of the hillside, before she carried on to smack her body onto the wooden fence at the bottom. She split her head open on the concrete surface. By this time my uncle, in concern, was cradling my sister as the blood from her head was spilling all over his jeans, as he was screaming at me “SEAN go and get your mum!”

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